How can I see my m3u Subscription Details?

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Modified on: Thu, 21 Nov, 2019 at 8:13 PM

To get your subscription details and check that your account is active and functioning, use this link:

There are two ways to check you subscription, as shown below:


Method 1: Enter your server username, and password information. You can find all these details in your m3u link.

Method 2: An easier method is just to paste your m3u link into the m3u url* field.

Once you have clicked check subscription you may need to wait up to 2 minutes for the system to gather your data. 

Then you should see a summary:

Here’s how to interpret the information:



Status of your subscription, Active = ok ;)

Allowed formats


Supported playback formats



is the entered subscription a Trial or paid subscription (No = paid subscription)

Active connections


# of connections active now

Max connections


# of maximal simultaneous connections allowed


08-06-2019 18:21:24

Shows the expiration date of the subscription

If you have encountered a problem with your subscription, check the number of Active connections. If you’re not connected currently but the number of active connections is 1, this could indicate:

1. Someone else is using your subscription currently

2. You logged in on another device and forgot to end the session

If you are sure that you are not logged in on any device but see activity, please contact us to reset your password. When we change your password you will receive a new link. 

If you’re experiencing issues you can’t resolve, contact us at We’d be happy to help!

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