9 Basic Steps if Nothing Works

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There are many reasons it might look like nothing works at all, and that situation can be very frustrating. Here are some basic steps you can take to identify the problem and get things working again. Of course, if your problems persist we are always happy to help at support@franqie.com.

  1. Check your device
    Is it turned on, connected to the power source, and connected to your TV or other device?
  2. Check if the service is up
    We provide an uptime monitor where you can see if the service is working and available or not here:  https://franqie.com/uptime/
  3. Reset equipment
    In lot of cases the issue is solved if you reset your device. Do this by turning your router and device or TV off and back on again.
  4. Are you using a VPN?
    Try disabling your VPN and checking if the problem is resolved. Many services have difficulties with VPN and therefore do not support it. This is because in some cases the VPN will attempt to connect using an IP address that someone else is also using. In other cases, it may be that the VPN provider is switching IP address too often and too quickly. Systems may perceive this as a cyber-attack and will therefore block the connection. However, in some cases VPNs do work, but you may need to contact us for details on making that happen. We do offer our own VPN packages as well, powered by Nord VPN.
  5. It looks like the connection to the service is blocked
    In some cases, the DNS of your ISP may have issues finding the servers. In that case you can change the DNS setting in your device to Google public DNS. Please try these addresses for DNS 1: and for DNS 2:
  6. Are you using wifi?
    If you’re using wifi, try connecting to the internet through a wired (LAN) connection. Wifi is prone to a host of problems that can be easily resolved simply by switching to LAN.
  7. Check your subscription
    Use our Subscription Check tool to see if your subscription is active, if it is in use (may indicate someone else is using your subscription) and the expiration date of your subscription. You can find the tool here: https://franqie.com/feed2/
  8. Check with another package
    If you keep having problems with the service, you may try it with another type of subscription. You can simply request a free 12 hour trial of another subscription type on our website. Start by testing a free trial of the same package  that you currently have. If the trial works, it indicates a problem with your specific account/ m3u link. If not, try with a different package. If none of the packages work it may indicate a problem with your device. 
  9. Check on another device
    Check your subscription on another device. Good practices are to check with VLC (on a computer) and/or GSE IPTV app (for Smart Phone and Tablets).
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