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The format of your EPG url will vary depending on the package you have subscribed to. Look for your package below to find your EPG link: 


A Forrest m3u link has the format: http://mypanel.tv:8080/get.php?username=XXXX&password=XXXX

In your individual m3u link the XXXX is replaced with your unique username and password. 

To create your EPG link, simply make a few changes to your m3u url:

  • replace “get” with “xmltv”
  • make sure you are using your m3u link, not the example shown here.

Your link should now look like this: http://mypanel.tv:8080/xmltv.php?username=XXXX&password=XXXX

If you’re having trouble finding your m3u link, click here.

If you’re having trouble finding your username and password, click here.


The links to EPGs and Logos for the Entry Package are below:

EPG: http://epg.geniptv.com/epg/epg.xml.gz

Logo's: http://epg.geniptv.com/picons/


For the Classic Package, replace the XXXXs in the following link with your username and password:

EPG: http://clientportal.link/xmltv.php?username=XXXx&password=XXXX

Logo's: http://picons.franqie.xdns.pro

If you’re not sure what your username or password is, find out here.


Your Premium m3u link looks like this: 


In your personal link, the XXXXs in the example above are replaced with your unique username and password. To get your EPG url, you’ll need to make one further change to that link.

Replace the word “get”  with “xmltv” so that the resulting link looks like this:


Again, with the XXXXs being your unique username and password.

If you are having trouble finding your m3u link, click here.

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