EPG Set Up for Android

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Modified on: Fri, 8 Nov, 2019 at 6:35 PM

You will need your EPG URL. See this article for more information on EPG URLs and where to get one.  

Open Perfect Player and go to settings (the cog symbol). 

Select General:

Select EPG:

Click XMLTV and enter your EPG url.

Go to advanced, and click the box to Enable Channels Management mode:

Make one or more groups with the channels you want to link to your EPG. Once complete, go back to Advanced settings and disable Channels management mode by clicking the box again.


Still in the Advanced Settings menu, click the box to enable EPG Assign mode.


Go to the group you created. On the left side you will see channels, on the right you’ll see the channels from the EPG source. You will need to manually match them.

Do this by using the right arrow to scroll through channels. Press OK to match. 

Once this is complete, go back to Advanced Settings and disable EPG Assign Mode. You will now have EPG information on all channels you matched. 

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