Issue: Page Loading Error/ Connectivity Issues

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Modified on: Thu, 7 Nov, 2019 at 9:10 PM

If you have your MAG Box set up but you see a "Page loading errormessage, this may indicate that your MAG Box is having trouble connecting to the internet. Confirm this by checking the box on the right side of your screen as shown below:

To resolve this issue, first make sure you are connected to the router and not the modem, preferably a combo unit. Problems with the internet may stem from issues with the modem, routers, cables, or your device’s settings, so troubleshooting can involve some trial and error.

First, check that you are properly connected to the internet:


Reconnect directly via ethernet (recommended)

Check the ethernet status as shown below:

If it is not connected/enabled try the following:

  • Check the cables at the back of your device. 
  • Make sure the cable works and that both ends are plugged in completely. 
  • Check that the modem and router are both securely connected.
  • If you don’t find an obvious issue, try plugging into a different port on the router. 
  • Check that the router works and try turning the router off and back on to reset the connection.

When the issue is resolved you should see your IP address appear on the screen and Ethernet should say Enabled/Connected


Reconnect to the wifi 

  • Click System Settings> Network> Wireless or Wifi, 
  • Select auto DHTP
  • Select the wireless connection you want to use, 
  • Verify the SSID is the one you want to use. 
  • In Authentication mode select your choice or default. 
  • Select Encryption as the default, or open or configure to encrypt as or TKIP, if not open enter the password and save.

Once the wifi is configured you should be able to connect properly.


If none of this works, continue troubleshooting the router and modem. If all else fails, sometimes a factory reset of your device is the best option in case the issue is with some of the settings. 

If you continue to experience issues, you can always reach out to us at

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