Downloading Older Firmware for your MAG Box

Created by: Taylor F

Modified on: Thu, 7 Nov, 2019 at 8:35 PM

You can use these links to download custom firmware for your MAG device:









To ensure they work, use recovery mode to install by holding down the 10 button on the menu during the reboot. Load the files onto a FAT32 formatted USB drive named mag*** where *** is your MAG box number, i.e. mag351. 

Reset your MAG device to default settings, then use the USB to load the downgraded firmware. 

Make sure your remove the ethernet cable until you have disabled auto update or your new firmware will be replaced. 

Below you can find some video explanations for updating MAG boxes from the manufacturer’s website:

For 3 series boxes = Guide:

For 2 series except 256 

For 256 boxes:

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