Issue: MAG Software Update Blocked some Services

Created by: Taylor F

Modified on: Tue, 5 Nov, 2019 at 12:15 AM

MAG Box software updates may cause problems with your subscription by blocking certain services (especially the Entry subscription). If your MAG Box is set to auto-update, the software will be updated automatically. Learn how to turn that setting off here.

Next, you’ll need to downgrade your MAG box software to resolve the issue.


1) Copy the firmware file below to the root of a FAT32 format USB drive. If your STB MAG-200/250 has multiple USB ports, use the rear port. 

2) You should see a folder called MAG250 containing two files: imageupdate and bootstrap.

3) Follow these steps to enter The BIOS:

    a) Turn your MAG device off.

    b) Press and hold the menu  button on the remote (or the power button on the front panel).

    c) Without releasing the menu (or power) button, turn the MAG device back on. 

4) Select Upgrade Tools by pressing enter on your remote.

5) Select USB Bootstrap

6) Insert the USB flash drive and click OK to start the update process

7) Wait for the update. Your MAG device will restart.

Firmware Links:

Download firmware here

For MAG 250 & 254 you can download the firmware here: MAG 254 Firmware


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