Samsung TV Remote Commands

Created by: Taylor F

Modified on: Mon, 4 Nov, 2019 at 8:16 PM

  • P+/P- and Arrows - switch pages, groups, channels, and videos
  • UP, UPx2 - show current program information
  • DOWN - show channel history
  • SELECT (OK), CH LIST - load channel list in play mode
  • INFO, INFOx2 - show current program information
  • Number Keys - channel number selection; "0", PR CH - channel history
  • RETURN - hide channel list and info bar; Go back to the primary list
  • EXIT - exit the application
  • P.SIZE, TOOLS, EXTRA - change stream/video aspect ratio
  • PLAY/PAUSE/STOP - play/pause/stop stream/video (exit video player)
  • PLAY (long press) - permanent info bar enable/disable
  • PLAY_PAUSE - play/pause stream/video; show Groups in channel menu
  • TTX/MIX - enable/disable 3D mode (Side-by-Side)
  • AD/SUBT - change subtitle track in stream/video (if available)
  • REC - toggle DVB input on/off
  • RED - settings in the primary list; select audio/HLS track in stream/video
  • GREEN, GUIDE - EPG information; choose video play mode
  • YELLOW - show all channels; digital clock or aspect ratio in play mode (option in settings)
  • BLUE - show Groups; settings in play mode
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