Setting Up Smart STB with a Portal

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Downloading the App

To check the current price and other information see: Smart-STB Price
 Supported systems: Samsung (Tizen) 2. Samsung (Smart TV) 3. LG (Webos) 4. Android (TV, no pen)

1) Go to the App Store on your Smart TV.

2) Use the search bar to search for “Smart STB” and click OK.

3) Select the Smart STB App and press enter on your remote.

4) You will see the app installation menu.

5) Once the app is installed, you will see a message indicating that the installation is complete.


Activating the App

1) You will need your Virtual MAC Address and the Software MAC Address.

2) To find these, open the Smart STB App on your TV.

3) When you see a screen that says Loading Portal, click OK on your remote:

4) You’ll see the System Settings screen:

5) Go to Device Info:

6) You’ll see the two MAC addresses you need:

7) Send your Virtual MAC address to
 8) Wait for confirmation from the support team.


Using the App

1) Open the App on your TV.

2) “Loading portal …” appears on the screen. Press OK or enter on your remote control.

3) Select System Settings.

4) Go to Portal.

5) Enter any name in the Portal 1 Name box. Enter the portal address you got from Franqie in the Portal 1 URL. 

6) Enter the portal address at

7) On your TV, exit Portal and click Restart. 

8) You should see “Loading Portal” and a download bar.

9) Enter your login and password when prompted and click OK.

9) A TV viewing menu will open.


Setting up TV Channels

1) Select the channel you want to configure. Open the channel for viewing in full screen mode and press the Tools button on the remote.

2) You’ll see the following options for channel setup:

  • “Audio” – select the audio track;
  • “Subtitles” – settings of the subtitles on the TV screen;
  • “3D mode” – activate or deactivate 3D mode (if available);
  • “Complaints” – you can choose from the following categories: sound, image, no program guide, or incorrect program guide;
  • “Clock” – turn the clock display on or off and choose the location of the display.


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