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You can set up your account to auto-renew when your subscription expires. That way you don’t need to worry about forgetting to renew and having to set up your system again with new links. The system will save your preferences and payment information and automatically renew your subscription when it expires.  Of course you can turn this option on or off at any time, and we always notify you when we are processing the renewal.  

Here’s a quick comparison chart:



Your Involvement

You must log into and pay to renew the subscription.

No action required from you to renew the subscription if the payment can be processed automatically.


You can use coupons to reduce price of renewal because you complete renewal via normal checkout process.

Only recurring coupons from the start of subscription will discount renewal payments.

Payment Method

All available payment methods can be used to process manual renewal payments. You can choose a different payment method for each renewal payment.

Some payment methods support automatic renewals (PayPal and Franqie Wallet). The same payment method is used for all renewal payments (unless payment fails).

Email Notifications

You get a Renewal Invoice emailed to you to log in and pay to renew subscription. After you have completed payment, you receive the Processing/Completed Renewal Order email.

The Processing or Completed Renewal Order email is sent to you as a record of automatic payment.


To turn on auto-renewal, go to the subscriptions page and select the subscription you want to manage. Simply turn the Auto Renew switch to ON as shown below:


For example, if you have a monthly subscription, turning auto-renew on means that at the end of every month the system will automatically renew your order and charge your preferred payment method, allowing you to keep using the same links without changing any settings on your device. 

Not all forms of payment work for auto-renew. You can set up auto-renew payments using PayPal or FranqieWallet, but unfortunately BitCoin does not support it. If automatic payment is disabled or does not work, you will receive an invoice which you can pay using your preferred payment method. You can change your payment method at any time.

If you turn auto-renew OFF, you will still receive a renewal invoice but you will not be charged. You can then choose to manually renew your subscription and pay using your preferred method. 

Be aware that if you want to change packages you will need to order a new subscription. If you are thinking about upgrading or changing packages, we recommend turning auto-renew OFF. 






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