What is Cloud TV Editor?

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With the Cloud TV Editor you can finally organize your favorite Cloud TV groups so your device shows only the groups what you want, in the order you prefer!


The Cloud TV Editor allows you to organize and enable/disable your favorite Cloud TV groups. 

Organizing your lists has several advantages:

- The list will load faster

- If your device does not have enough memory to load the entire list, using Cloud TV Editor to create a shorter list may resolve the issue.

- Save time by not scrolling through groups you never use.

- Easily access your favorite content.

- Reduced loading time prevents timeouts when loading.

Click and drag to move groups into any order you want as shown below:


Use the check boxes to enable or disable groups at any time. You can always re-enable a group you have disabled if you change your mind.  


In order to use the Cloud TV Editor, you need an active paid (not  trial) Franqie Cloud TV subscription (Forrest, Entry, Classic or Premium).

When you add the Cloud TV editor to your Cloud TV subscription, you can edit the list by following the URL as indicated in your order confirmation.


In order to see the adjusted list on your device you will need a new m3u link. You can find this link using the URL indicated in your order confirmation. For your convenience, you will also find an m3u link for the “Edited List” in your order confirmation email.

Once you have activated Cloud TV Editor, your original Cloud TV link remains active and can be used as well. However, when you use your original Cloud TV link you will see the complete list of groups in their original order. 

Cloud TV Editor is one of the best products we offer. Try it out by requesting a 72-hour trial here: https://franqie.com/product/cloud-tv-editor-trial/ or order by choosing one of the plans available here: https://franqie.com/cloudtv-editor/

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