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Report Problems is a place to report an issue with a specific channel. That way other users who encounter the same issue will be able to see that the issue has been reported and is being resolved. 

Users can up-vote a problem if they are experiencing the same issue. Problems with more votes will be given higher priority. 

For example, you might report:

  •  A channel that is not working
  • The wrong channel (i.e. the channel labeled Sport 1 is streaming Sport 6 instead)

Once you have created the report, other users can up-vote it if they are experiencing the same issue. This helps us prioritize issues and identify the cause.

Before submitting a report, first search the community forum to see if it has already been reported:

 How to search for a Problem Report in the  Community Forum

Step 1

Go to and click Community Forum.


Step 2

Click Report a problem:

Look for a topic post reporting the same issue you are experiencing. If you see one, just click “Like” and add a comment. 

If you don’t see a topic that matches your problem, you can add one by clicking “Start a New Topic.”

How to Report a Problem:

Please use the following format when reporting a problem:

 Subscription Plan:
(example: Entry, Forrest, Classic, Premium)


 Subscription Plan:
Polsat Sports FHD PL
Not working (or, not correct audio stream, or, not correct stream)

Your participation in the community forum helps us to improve our service!





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