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If you have Canceled your Subscription after the current period (the period you already paid for), you can Reactivate the subscription in our system if it is not expired yet. Some Subscriptions even allow to Reactivate after expiration but most of them can not be reactivated once expired. This will enable the system to extend your Subscription after the current paid period is completed/used.

If you paid for example a month, with an Active subscription and/or after Reactivating, the subscription remains active for the period you paid already and will be Automatically renewed by the Subscription system and the option becomes available to renew manually.

For this tutorial we are going to Reactivate the below subscription, which is very easy and convenient.

To Reactivate your subscription, go to the Subscriptions page and select the subscription you want to Manage. You will see the below screen. Simply click on Reactivate button for that subscription and it will be Activated again.

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