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With Subscriptions we make it super easy for you to keep your private links so you don't need to change the setup in your device every time. Subscriptions normally uses Auto Renew option and renews your Subscription automatically when it is about to expire. If you prefer not to have Auto Renewal but renew manually, you can easily switch off the Auto Renewal option.

This table shows the difference between manual and automatic renewal.

Your InvolvementYou must log into Franqie.com and pay to renew the subscription.No action required from you to renew the subscription if the payment can be processed automatically.
CouponsYou can use coupons to reduce price of renewal because you complete renewal via normal checkout process.Only recurring coupons from the start of subscription will discount renewal payments.
Payment MethodAll available payment methods can be used to process manual renewal payments. You can choose a different payment method for each renewal payment.Some payment methods support automatic renewals (PayPal and Franqie Wallet). The same payment method is used for all renewal payments (unless payment fails).
Email NotificationsYou get a Renewal Invoice emailed to you to log in and pay to renew subscription. After you have completed payment, you receive the Processing/Completed Renewal Order email.The Processing or Completed Renewal Order email is sent to you as a record of automatic payment.

For this tutorial we are going to switch the Auto Renew option for the below subscription, which is very easy and convenient.

To switch Auto Renew of your subscription, go to the Subscriptions page (link) and select the subscription you want to Manage. You will see the below screen. Simply toggle the Auto Renew option ON/OFF and the Auto-Renewal for that subscription will be set accordingly for the next period.

Further info:

For example, if you have a 1 month Subscription and Auto Renewal is ON, after that month, the system will renew and try to automatically pay your Subscription so you can keep using your links without changing any settings in your device.

Some payment methods (not all) can pay automatically for the Subscription when renewed (for example Bitcoin cannot do automatic payment). If automatic payment is disabled or does not work, you will receive an invoice which you can pay using your preferred payment method.

After payment, the subscription will be extended for that period. If you turn OFF Auto Renewal, the system will send you a renewal invoice but not make any payment actions of your subscription, you will still be notified though that your subscription is about to expire, in such cases if you want to continue with the service you cab manually extend the subscription before expiration date or when system notifies you on expiration date itself and send you a payment notice.

Take note that this only applies if you want to stay with the same package. In the event that you decide to upgrade/change your subscription to a different package, you need to order a "New subscription".

During your subscription, you can switch ON or OFF this feature so Auto Renewal is activated or not. Of course, for you to choose what is most convenient for you!

Please be aware, once a Subscription expires, for some Subscriptions it is not possible to renew. Of course you can buy a new one but you will need to change in some circumstances the settings in your device and may miss some action if you forget to renew on time.

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