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One of the most common and frustrating issues is certain ISP providers blocking digital content, this is most common in countries like the UK with internet regulations that can interfere with consumer's personal access. Some customers have reported being blocked and unable to connect using Virgin in the UK. This is why we recommend you use a trial before subscribing to make sure you are able to. 

One way to try and bypass this is to turn your tv DNS into public instead of private as it is set to reflect your ISP by default, choose enter mnaually, use Google DNS which is or This is a good way to try and overcome the barrier to connect.

Another way to handle and address this is by using A VPN service, a VPN will provide access to  digital content that can be constricted by your ISP. We also provide VPN sevices too, NordVPN is our recommended VPN service to use.

So again, please consider opting in for a trial before subscribing, and if you encounter connection issues, you may be blocked by your internet service provider, and may need to look for a new, change your DNS to public by Google or opt in for a VPN service. If you do find yourself unable to connect with all manner of troubleshooting, then you may consider the fact that your ISP may be preventing your digital content connection, download a trial or free VPN and test your link with VLC player. If you can connect using a VPN service then it is most certain you are being restricted by your provider, if you are not we may need to continue troubleshooting, please do not hesitate and reach out to us to find a technical solution through our chat or email venues.

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