How to use Cloud Editor.

Created by: Ronald Suan

Modified on: Sun, 27 Jan, 2019 at 11:10 AM

1. In the notification order, you will see the subscription details of your Cloud Editor. In the subscription details you will see the following info (see image bellow)

2. Once you paste the link in the browser, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Once you're there, click "Channels"

3. You will see 2 Columns. On the left side you will see the Channel Groups and on the right side you will see the Channel lists.

4. You can now start Endable/Disable channels by clicking the "check" icon on the right side of the channel names.

5. Once your done customizing your playlist, click "Sync".

6. Go to "Info"

7. Download the Edited link and replace the original link in your device settings.

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