How to order a subscription?

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Thanks for your interest in getting a subscription at!

Here is a quick link to our subscriptions: Subscriptions

These are the guidelines on how to order a subscription.

1. Provide your billing details and coupon code (if any).

2. Under the “Additional Information” you will be given different options.

  • Super-Fast Activation Service

            > Activation within 3 hours: NO ADDITIONAL FEE

            > Activation GUARANTEED within 20 minutes: 2 euro

  •  Device

             You have 3 options: standard m3u, MAG device and Enigma V2. Please select whatever works for you.

            FOR MAG DEVICE: The common issue we get here is when the MAC address provided is currently in use hence we cannot proceed with the order.             Please make sure the MAC address you provide is available and not registered with other IPTV provider.

            What are your options if your MAC address is registered with other IPTV provider?

                a. If you have another MAG device available, please provide us the MAC address.

                b. Wait until the subscription with other provider expires so we can request the release of MAC address.

                c. Get a standard m3u instead. You can use this with different devices and applications.

  • Type of Order

            > New subscription: Select this option if this is your first time ordering from us or if your existing subscription from us is already expired.

            > Renew subscription: Select this option if you have an existing ACTIVE subscription from us. Here are some helpful articles about renewing a                         subscription: Extending your existing subscription

  • Include Adult Channels?

            You can choose either with or without adult channels.

  • Order Notes

            You can write any details here or special notes about your order.

3. On the right side, you will see our Payment Options, either pay with Paypal or Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin).

4. Check "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions" and you can now place your order.

5. Once your order has been completed, we will send you an order confirmation to your email address that includes your subscription details. It usually goes to your inbox, but if not, it's also best to check your spam folder.

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