Smart STB authentication problem, white screen or black (dark grey on some TV's) screen after "Loading Portal"

Created by: John M

Modified on: Sat, 6 Oct, 2018 at 4:03 PM

In case you see black screen or white screen or authentication problem error on a blue background, then please do this to solve the problem.

This problem is caused usually when you use a Portal with Smart STB and other apps like STBEMU with the same Virtual MAC.

But if you are reading this and are 100% sure your STB is NOT blocked by us and activated properly please continue to read below.

Sometimes you may get your STB is blocked message instead of black/grey/white screen.

You need to request from us to REMOVE the Virtual MAC completely by sending a message to

So, 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX must be DELETED from the Portal, completely! Not disabled, but REMOVED.

Then, do NOT use the STBEMU as it has different SERIAL number and this causes the BLOCK (Authentication Problem).

When the TV MAC is added again in the Portal, start the app ONLY ON SMART STB, NOT on STBEMU. Starting STBEMU will cause the issue to reappear.

This is due to MAC CLONE PROTECTION from us.

Workaround: Change your Virtual MAC to NEW one. This will make your TV appear like NEW device to us. Do not forget to give out the NEW Virtual MAC to

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