How to configure GSE app on SmartPhone, Tablet, AppleTV

Created by: Franqie F

Modified on: Sun, 9 Sep, 2018 at 5:25 PM

A short tutorial to install GSE IPTV app on iPhone and iPad

  1. Download GSE PRO IPTV from app store
  2. On left side at the top click on the 3 lines to open
  3. Click on Xtream Codes API
  4. Then click the "+" in top right
  5. Playlist name: Enter the name you want your playlist to have, i.e. Franqie
  6. Server name: see below example, if that were your link then your server name is: (again, check your own link to enter the correct value here, below is just an example)
  7. Enter your username: see below example
  8. Enter your password: see below example
  9. Select "Add"
  10. Click on "Force EPG" to update

That’s it! Done!

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