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Organise and personalise your Cloud TV Channels!

With the Cloud TV Editor you can finally organise your favourite Cloud TV groups so your device shows only the groups what you want, in the order you prefer!

With the Cloud TV Editor you can disable groups and eventually enable them later again. You can do that by checking the box next to the group (see image below).

When you optimize your list, you will have numerous advantages;

- the list loads much faster (as the list is shorter)

- if your device (TV) is a bit dated and does not have enough memory to load the whole list, reducing the list with the Editor may solve your problem

- using a personalized list is so much easier as you don't have to browse thru groups you never use

- reducing loading time prevents timeouts while loading

The below image also shows how you can set an order which suits you best. You can have your favourite groups in your preferred order and disable groups you don't want to see (for example: the Adult group or Greece or whatever you choose)!

In order to use the Cloud TV Editor, you need an active paid (not a Trial) Franqie Cloud TV subscription (Forrest, Entry, Classic or Premium).

When you add the Cloud TV editor to your Cloud TV subscription, you can edit the list by following the URL as indicated in your order confirmation.

Please be aware that, if you want to see the adjusted list on your screen (or device), you will need to use a new m3u link. This link can also be found following the URL as indicated in your order confirmation. For your convenience, a m3u link for the "Edited list" can also be found in your order confirmation email.

Your normal Cloud TV link stays active and can be used as well (next to the one we provide with the Cloud TV Editor). Please be aware, that when you use this link, you will get again the complete list of your Cloud TV provider in their order and logic.

It is one of the best products we have on this moment. Try it out and request a 72 hours trial here; or order your subscription and choose one of the available plans here:

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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