Nothing seems to work! What should I do?

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There are many causes which can result in a situation that it looks like nothing works at all. Let us guide you thru the most coming issues and checks you can do to determine where the issue might be and how to solve. Of course, if things do not go well, we are here to help.

  1. Check your device
    Is it turned on, connected to the power source, connected to your TV or other device?

  2. Check if the service is up
    We provide a uptime monitor where you can see if the service is working and available or not. This monitor also provides a historic view so you can see the availability & stability of the different services. The uptime tool can be found here;

  3. Reset equipment
    In lot of cases the issue is solved if you reset your device. Simply turn off the devices as TV and Router and see if the problem persists.

  4. Are you using VPN?
    If you are using a VPN, please disable it to see if the problem disappears? Most services have difficulties with VPN and therefore do not support it. This because VPN in some cases tries to connect to the service with an IP number which may be used by someone else as well. Also, in some cases the VPN providers switches IP addresses too many times and too fast. This is causing issues on the systems which are similar to Cyber-attacks and therefore will be blocked. We have cases which work with VPN and have separate articles on how you may be able to use VPN successfully. And of course, we offer VPN packages as well, powered by Nord VPN.

  5. It looks like the connection to the service is blocked
    In some cases, the DNS of your ISP may have issues with finding the servers. In that case you can change the DNS setting in your device to the public DNS of Google. Please try these addresses for DNS 1: and for DNS 2:

  6. Check if you are using WiFi
    If you are using WiFi, please try to connect to the internet thru a wired (LAN) connection. WiFi has proven to cause many different problems which disappear when you go LAN.

  7. Check your subscription
    Use our Subscription Check tool to see if your subscription is active, if it is in use (may indicate someone else is using your subscription) and the expiry date of your subscription. You can find the tool here;

  8. Check with another m3u link
    If you keep having problems with the service, you may try it with another type of subscription. On our website, you can always get a free trial of 12 hours to troubleshoot.
    In this case, the first thing you want to try is to request a trial of the same service (for example, you have a Classic subscription, take a trial for Classic) and see if that works. If not, you can try a different service than the one you have a paid subscription for (for example, you have Classic and try to troubleshoot with Entry and/or Forrest). This way we can assure if it is the subscription itself which is giving problems or maybe the device.

  9. Check on another device
    Check your subscription on another device. Good practices are to check with VLC (for desk-top and laptop based devices) and/or GSE IPTV app (for Smart Phone and Tablets).
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