Where can I retrieve my IP number?

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Sometimes for troubleshooting, a support agent may ask you to provide your IP address. In your home, you may have different IP addresses in use, but the one we usually look for, is the IP address with which you are connected to internet.

Most common mistakes:

If you look for your IP address, you might find Private IP addresses which are used by your equipment behind the router. These addresses are in below ranges; to to to

These are NOT the addresses you are connected on internet with but addresses your equipment is connected with to your router. To find the address you are connected with to Internet, use the tools as described in solution.


To retrieve your IP number you can use one of these tools to retrieve your IP number:


Our preferred and own tool. The tool gives you all the results you need and provides also a field called "Here is your short link result". If you provide that outcome, we will be able to troubleshoot eventual problems easier.

Other similar tools you may want to use to retrieve your are;




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