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Hi polish tv is not working

Hi polish tv is not working, I have a problem for several days, only a few programs work.

I tried in Kodi as well as VLC Media Player, it DOES NOT WORK.

Please do something with this, thank you

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The same problem, didn't work mous of HD en all fullHD

Hi .tv still doesn't work. someone will fix it and when it will work thanks

only a few channels are working, are you doing anything do repair it?

nothing .. only change tv provider...the repair is taking too long

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Same here, channels not working. Pls fix !


Hi, today it is a little better, but still some programs do not work, as well as some works only SD

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I also have a problem with Polish channels, some of them doesn't work 

nic nie działa ,poza polsatem i AXN

polish channels dont work when you send my money back !!!! this is not good i pay end i dont watch from 3 weeks 

time to say good bye

Yep same they didn’t fixed it for a month? Last time I extended subscription with them.Many other providers on market dat actually cares, and their lists working not like here.
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