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Forest: Eska Rock TV HD PL, does not work.

Subscription Plan: Forrest
Country/Region: Poland

Channel(s): Eska Rock TV HD PL
Problem: Not working. Wrong channel there (Rap Town)

Yes :(


TVP1HD = mini mini 

List "entry" all ok

nerxu Hi, this might be a bit late but I just want to check on you. The issue you reported last time, is it okay now? Or do you need any assistance? Please let me know.

For faster response, feel free to reach us via chat or email us at Thank you.

Hi, It looks like the problem is solved. There are two Eska Rock channels where one oraz another works. If first one does not work, then the second streams ok. The second is broken sometimes after 7pm utc+1 time. Because of that i can say that problem is solved because the chanell os accesible either way. Thanks for checking anyway.

Łukasz, thanks for informing us. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you. - J

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