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Polish channels

Polish channels:
9915 - AXN Black PL - other language
9914 - AXN White PL - other channel
9902 - Polo Party TV PL - doesn`t work
9814 - Polo TV PL = TVN24 PL - other channel
9841 - Wawa TV PL = ESKA ROCK TV PL - other channel
9840 - WP PL - doesn`t work

@krzysiek, Hi, this might be a bit late but I just want to check on you. The issue you reported last time, is it okay now? Or do you need any assistance? Please let me know. Thanks.

u mnie ten sam problem , piszę 2 miesiac a oni mają to w dupie. 

I have the same problem with me, I write 2 months and they have it in the ass.

Hi there, sorry for delayed response. I will create a ticket for your channel issue so I can easily track and get back to you.

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